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Holiday World RV is a Priority RV Network Member

Superior Value – Nationwide Service

Priority RV Network

What Is Priority RV Network?

What is the Priority RV Network and how does it benefit you? When you buy an RV from a Priority RV Network dealer, you put the power of over 150 Dealers in North America behind you! With that, you get RV parts at a lower cost, Priority Service at not only the dealership you purchased from but ANY Priority RV Dealership when you are over 100 miles away from home. You get access to 24/7 Roadside Care provided by Coach-Net, and the biggest plus of all, peace of mind.

World’s #1 Retailer of New and Used RVs

Priority RV Dealers are able to buy in volume & pay less which equals superior customer value and savings! This gives Priority RV Dealers the ability to provide YOU with superior RV value!

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