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RV Insurance

RV Insurance


Our physical damage insurance providers offer broad coverage, high limits, and superior claim service giving owners the peace of mind they deserve. These insurance carrier’s policies are specially designed to cover the types of mishaps an RV owner may have, these coverages aren’t just like auto insurance, they are designed to give you specific RV insurance benefits.

Available coverages can include:

  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance
  • Accessories Coverage
  • Collision Coverage
  • Emergency Expenses
  • Fire, Flood and Theft
  • Full-Timer Coverage
  • High Liability Limits
  • Liability Coverage
  • Low Branch Collision
  • Personal Items Replacement
  • Total Loss Replacement

Priority RV Insurance offers more carriers, coverages and at lower prices for all your recreational toys! No matter which RV you own – you need affordable Specialized RV Insurance. It’s your home away from home. Shouldn’t you protect it like one?

Here are some example plan quotes:

New Travel Trailer – $25,000 Value

$750 Emergency Expenses
$2,000 Personal Belongings Replacement
24-Hour Roadside Assistance
$25,000 Vacation/Premises Liability
Total Loss Replacement coverage


New Fifth-Wheel – $75,000 Value

$750 Emergency Expenses
$2,000 Personal Belongings Replacement
24-Hour Roadside Assistance
$25,000 Vacation/Premises Liability
Total Loss Replacement coverage


New Class A Motor home – $100,000 Value

$250k,$500K,100k Liability
$5,000 Medical Payments
$250k,$500k Uninsured Motorist
$750 Emergency Expenses
$2,000 Personal Belongings Replacement
24-Hour Roadside Assistance
$25,000 Vacation/Premises Liability
Total Loss Replacement coverage


Examples based on a 50 year old male driver with a good driving record, good credit, and a $500 Diminishing deductible*.
*Diminishing deductible: For every year you remain claim free, your deductible will diminish by 25%.

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Fabric Protection:

Our fabric protection surrounds each fabric fiber with an invisible protective coating that has a long lasting effect. Stains, spills and surface dirt are sealed out, making cleanup a snap!

Paint Protection:

Our paint protection protects your exterior surfaces against damage caused by a number of sources including fading, oxidation, bird droppings, road salt and de-icing agents, and many other hazards your RV will face while on the open road.


Road Hazard coverage is simply a contract that covers the tires on new and used motorhomes, fifth wheels, and travel trailers against road hazards. Road hazards are those unusual conditions of the highway, which should not exist such as potholes, metal objects, glass, etc. The coverage period is for seven years from delivery of vehicle.


  • Coverage available for coach and/or chassis.
  • The most comprehensive coverage in the industry.
  • Fully transferable.
  • Nationwide toll-free claims assistance.
  • Nationwide payment of claims through our Visa account. We take care of the claims so that all you have to pay is the deductible.
  • A variety of plans available to meet your specific driving patterns.

  • Priority RV Road Care – Platinum Plus Membership

    Priority RV Road Care dallas tx

    All Inclusive Unlimited Coverage

    Your membership covers you, a spouse or significant other, and children age 24 or younger licensed to drive, operating your RV or other vehicles owned, rented or borrowed.

    Priority RV Road Care’s Platinum Plus membership includes emergency roadside assistance and concierge services that you can use both on, and off, the road. We’ll guide you to the best campsites, make your dinner reservations and refer you to exciting, local activities. We’ll even deliver your RV to you, help you find the lowest price gas stations and more. Worldwide travel assistance and medical assistance are available for expanded travel protection.

    Technical Support and Roadside Assistance

    Platinum Plus features 24/7 technical assistance from our staff of RVIA/RVDA and ASE Certified Technicians who speak directly with you to troubleshoot operational issues. Should you need emergency roadside assistance, our vast network of service providers offers a wide range of services to handle the special needs of your RV.

    Unlimited Towing

    Towing your disabled vehicle to the nearest qualified repair facility regardless of mileage or dollar amount.

    Unlimited Tire Assistance

    Changing of your vehicle’s flat tire using the vehicle’s good mounted and inflated spare tire, delivery of a comparable tire to the disablement site or for towing of your vehicle to a repair facility.

    Unlimited Delivery of Fuel and Emergency Fluids

    Gasoline, oil, water, transmission fluid, power steering fluid and brake fluid delivered to your disabled vehicle, as necessary to remedy the disablement.

    Unlimited Locksmith / Lockout Service

    Delivery of locksmith services to your vehicle and assistance in the opening of your locked vehicle, and/or obtaining a replacement key.

    Unlimited Jump-Starts

    A jump-start for your vehicle’s dead battery or a tow to a qualified repair facility.

    Unlimited RV Mobile Mechanic

    Dispatching of a mechanic to the site of your mechanically disabled vehicle.

    Unlimited RV Service Appointment Assistance

    In an unfamiliar territory, where do you go for service should the need arise? We’ll notify the closest, qualified service facility, discuss your situation with the appropriate contacts and make your appointment.

    Personal Assistance/Concierge Services

    You will have access to a full range of services to make life easier.

      Personal Assistance/Concierge Services:

    • * $2000 Trip Interruption Benefit
    • * $1,500 Reimbursement for covered service in Mexico
    • * Nationwide Trip Routing Service
    • * Fee-free Travelers Checks
    • * Emergency Messenger Service