RV Tips: The Best Clothes To Wear for Hiking in the Fall

Hiking is the perfect outdoor activity to participate in on your fall camping trip. The weather is beginning to cool, the leaves are changing, and hiking gives you the ideal opportunity to get some fresh air and enjoy nature. In the cooler fall air, you will want to ensure you are dressing properly for your hike. Take a look at these RV tips for the six best things to wear when hiking in the fall. 

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Wear A Flannel Shirt Camping

A flannel shirt is a hiking and camping essential. Flannel shirts are the perfect layering pieces to keep you warm on your hike. You can keep it on over a teeshirt or take it off and wrap it around your waist if you get too warm.

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Bring A Warm Scarf Camping In The Fall

You can bring a warm scarf that will help keep you warm if the air is too cold while you are on your hike. It is also easily removable if you get too warm. Having winter accessories like a warm scarf will help you ward off autumn’s chill.

A Pair of Warm Socks For Camping In Cold Weather

Another essential to make sure you have with you when camping in the fall is a warm pair of socks. Wool socks are a great option, but any pair of warm socks would be good to bring with you on your next trip. Keeping your feet warm is imperative in cold weather, especially if you plan to go hiking.

Wear Layers With A Fleece Jacket

Layering is an important step to keeping warm when camping in the fall. You can wear long sleeves, short sleeves, or both under a fleece jacket. This will keep you warm when it is cool, and if the weather changes as the day goes on, you can take the jacket off to adjust. Make sure you bring a fleece jacket with you for fall camping.

Bring a Warm Camping Blanket

Bring a warm blanket with you. You will want to have a blanket to wrap around your shoulders when you are cozied up around the campfire in the evenings. Nights are cooler than days, and having a warm blanket will help to stave off the chill. You might also be happy you brought a warm blanket to sleep with through the night, just in case your sleeping bag isn’t warm enough.

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