RV Tips: 6 Ways to Make Camping Easy

These RV tips are the best ways to improve your camping experience and help you make the most of your time at the campground. These tips will help you to make travel, set up at the campground, and every day of your adventure easy and fun for everyone. Learn more below.

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Keep Your Cabinets Secure with Zip-Ties or Bungees

While in transit, you’ll need to ensure nothing falls out of the cabinets or closets. Most RVs have built-in systems to keep the cabinet doors and drawers secure, but you can give them a little extra safety by latching them shut with zip ties or bungee cords.

Get an Organizer for Your Shower

A lot of RV showers have a shelf or a bench to give you space for your things. However, we’ve found that adding additional storage to the shower is a great way to keep the space more organized. We use a corner, tension rod organizer, and command hooks. Another excellent option is to get a shower pocket organizer.

Keep the Pests at Bay

Anywhere there is food, there will be pests. You can help reduce the number of mice, bugs, and more. Use things like peppermint oil to deter ants and spiders and Irish Spring soap to ward off mice. Additionally, you can get covers for your vents to keep out unwanted guests.

Keep a Light Supply Handy

We recommend keeping a light on hand or in easy reach. Headlamps are great for working outside on repairs or getting your hookups set if you arrive after dark. You’ll also want to keep a flashlight just inside the door and by your bed in case you need to make a late-night trip to the bathhouse.

Set Up a Paper Towel Station

Getting a place set up to allow your family and friends to wash their hands outside is a great way to ensure everyone keeps clean while coming in and out of the campsite. We recommend using a flag holder as a paper towel dispenser around the picnic table.

Set Up an “Info Station”

If you’re constantly on the move, you’ll want to have a place in your RV to keep vital information that may change with each campground. Keep a whiteboard in your living room, or somewhere that’s easily accessible to keep information like the campground address, phone number, and other essential information.

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