RV Tips: 5 Hacks for Traveling with Kids

If you’re planning a vacation with your kids, these RV tips are ones you won’t want to miss. Traveling with kids is not always easy, but these hacks help make them feel comfortable at the campground or wherever you go.

kids campfire

Involve Them in the Planning Process

The best advice I can give any parent is to involve your kid in the planning process for your vacations. This helps him to feel more ownership over the vacation and less like they’re being dragged along. Plus, it gives him something to look forward to because they helped to pick out things for the whole family to do together.

Plan Activities Together

Another way to make them feel involved is by planning activities for everyone to do together at the campground. We like to bring cornhole and have tournaments or card games to enjoy around the dinette after it gets dark.

Give Them Space

Another great way to make your kids more comfortable on your vacation is to allow them the space they need. Teenagers especially need more time alone than you might be used to, but giving them the space to spend time with themselves can help improve their mood drastically.

Encourage Them to Explore

Another great piece of advice I have for parents is encouraging their kids to explore the campground. If there are local trails, that’s a great way to get them moving, or you can bring along their bikes to help them explore greater distances. Another way to use this tip is to encourage them to explore other activities they might not otherwise enjoy, like reading, birdwatching, fishing, etc.

kids hiking

Let Them Pick an Outing

As mentioned above, letting your kids help with the planning process of your trip is a great way to ensure they enjoy themselves more than they might otherwise. One of the best things you can do is research the area you’ll be traveling to and allow the kids to pick a family outing destination while there.
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