Is Your RV In Storage? Keep Your Tires In Good Condition With These Tips!

With the cold weather approaching, some of us may be packing our RVs away and storing them. While cleaning and giving it an overall inspection is always important, your tires should be one of your main concerns. Replacing RV tires is no cheap fix, so maintaining them properly when you store your RV is a great way to preserve them until you’re ready to hit the open road again!

The first thing you’ll want to do is thoroughly clean your tires. Utilize soap and water to remove all the dirt and grime, and then use a special tire cleaner or conditioner to keep them from cracking while they’re not in use. It’s best to let the tire cleaner sit for a while before carefully wiping it off so that it’s able to coat and soak into the rubber.

Use tire covers to keep them even safer. Even if your RV is in storage, if your garage isn’t climate controlled the rain, wind, snow, and cold air can cause irreversible damage to your tires. They aren’t an expensive investment and are so simple to install that all you must do is slip them over your tires once your RV is parked.

To further protect your tires, place something between them and the ground where it’s going to be parked. You want the weight to be distributed evenly among the tires. Use tire cradles or wheel blocks. They’re also cheap and easy to put into place.

Finally, make sure your tires are full. Check the pressure level your tires should be and fill them up to that exactly. Be careful not to underfill or overfill. The cold air will reduce tire pressure so check them regularly and fill up as needed. This will also help to distribute the weight equally so that none of your tires wear down prematurely.

If you’re interested in updating your current RV or want to upgrade to a new model, come and visit us here at Holiday World! We would love to help you and your family get into the RV of your dreams and can provide you with plenty more tips to keep it running smoothly for years to come. Contact us today!

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