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Planning Your Budget as a Full-Time RVer

Full-time RVers have the advantage of taking their home with them wherever they go. Like any homeowner, they should also plan a budget for living expenses. Unlike a fixed home, the expenses for a are a bit different, so let’s review how to budget for full-time RV living. Some RV full-timers live for several months in locations where they can work and build up their cash reserves. Consider income sources when looking at your budget.

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Can I Afford an RV?

Recreational vehicles (RV) are a popular option for singles, couples, or families who wish to take their living arrangements with them on the road. RVs also come in all shapes and sizes with prices ranging from affordable to extravagant. If you are considering an RV, here are some things to consider in advance of signing the sales contract. There are a lot of costs to ownership you may not have considered and you don’t want to spend more than you can afford.

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